gordon n. Mcintosh

mystery writer

A legacy of lies – a circle of corruption

Real estate developer Doug Sutherland thinks it’s just another sweltering summer day in Chicago. But when the foreman demolishing his late father’s rundown office building unearths a skull and human bones encased in a crumbling Greek column, Sutherland is suddenly propelled into a cauldron of greed, sadism, and murder. Lies pile upon lies, bodies upon bodies as Sutherland scrambles to unravel his tangled legacy and expose a web of political and financial corruption. 

Armed men invade Doug Sutherland’s apartment, a Mexican smuggler threatens him, the police accuse him of drug dealing, and a DEA agent harasses him, all because of what he supposedly possesses or knows. Follow Sutherland as he races between Chicago and Mexico as the stakes and bodies mount. He must rescue his estranged mother and kidnapped girlfriend, recover a priceless pre-Hispanic artifact, battle a ruthless smuggler, and survive multiple murder attempts, the last from a shocking source.

A 30-year-old murder – a pre-Columbian treasure